open access studio

 membership options:

Setting up your own studio to develop your practice is an expensive business. By becoming a member of Eastbourne Studio Pottery you will have full access to an excellent range of equipment and tools in our large communal work spaces and a dedicated shelf space to store your work in progress. We hold a good range of glazes, clays, slips, oxides and stains and are happy to add your individual material requirements to our general bulk orders. We offer two options for experienced makers who would like to work independently in the studio:


  1. One session of 4 hours per week for £70 per calendar month

  2. One or two sessions total 7 hours per week for £110 per calendar month

All fees are payable one month in advance, minimum six months contract and one month deposit. We have a great community of makers in the studio who have expressed how working alongside each other has stimulated the development of ideas and helped build the social and professional networks which would not be possible by working in isolation. We nurture our community through a range of talks, events, shows and selling opportunities. All firing is coordinated by our studio technician and materials and fired work are charged separately.

 equipment in the studio

Kittec top loader X 170 S

Chamber size: 59cm diameter x 63cm height

172 litres capacity

Kittec front loader XT160 

Chamber size: 45cm width x 52cm depth x 66cm height

154 litres capacity

Gladstone G35 electric wheel

Extremely comfortable to use with it's built in seat and capable of centering 25kg

Shimpo RK55 electric wheels

We have five Shimpos all capable of centering 11kg

Slab roller

Pug Mill

 Firing Charges

For finished work created on our courses, workshops and in the open access sessions 

£5.00 per kg

For external users and open access members using all your own materials

Bisque firing £3.00 per kg

Glaze or stoneware firing £4.00 per kg

Full load rate £40.00

If you use clay that you have bought from other suppliers we do need to see a copy of the specification so that we can ensure the correct firing temperature is used.

Higher temperature firings can be arranged

Please contact Karen our studio technician on 07739 945576 or send a message on the contact page for any further information or advice