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Open access membership

Setting up your own studio to develop your practice is an expensive business. By becoming an open-access member of Eastbourne Studio Pottery you will have full access to an excellent range of equipment and tools across our three studios plus a dedicated storage shelf in our member's studio. The studio is open for members Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm.


Our wide range of glazes, clays, slips, oxides and stains are available for you to use and we are happy to add your individual material requirements to our general bulk orders. 

All fees are payable one month in advance, with a minimum three months membership plus one month deposit.  We nurture our membership community through a range of events, shows and selling opportunities. All firing is coordinated by our studio technician and all fired work is charged separately.  New members are given a full induction to the studios.


Our open-access membership is for anyone with at least two years experience of working with clay who is confident working independently in the studio environment. It is best suited to artists exploring their ideas and producing a limited quantity of work, unfortunately, the space and kiln capacity would not work for a production potter.


Email to arrange a visit to the studio, we can then set a date for an induction.

5 hours per week

£82.50 per month

Firing service

At the moment we are only able to offer the firing service to our students, existing customers and open-access members - with the increase in classes and community engagement we are at full capacity with our four kilns.

Drop-in open access for class students

Students currently attending our general classes are invited to extend their time in the studio working independently in our open-access drop-ins. These sessions are an opportunity to practice the techniques you've learnt in class and continue your work in progress


3 hour drop-in £24

times by arrangement with your tutor

Makers at the studio

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