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karen peters

My background spans fine art, craft and design. I specialize in colouring clay & slip casting, honing my technical skills working for several years for a jewellery designer who commissioned me to make pieces for her porcelain and fine metal collection.  In my own practice I use Parian porcelain for its beautifully smooth surface quality. 

My work is quiet.

In sharing my work I hope to evoke a sense of peace. Form, contour, light and shade inspire me, with each piece inspiring the next, forming building blocks in my visual language. Forms are hand built. The clay is coloured using stains and oxides, keeping to a limited neutral palette. This allows focus to remain on form. The scale of my pieces ranges from 10cm to 150cm but each piece is made with the same goal in mind.



I'm a director, teacher and the studio technician at ESP. I offer classes to all abilities and run the project development sessions for our more experienced makers.


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