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Anne Barrell surface decoration weekend workshop

Over two days Anne guided our 12 students through the design process, preparing and using slabs with press and hump moulds, the various techniques to apply slip and add detail with sgraffito and brushwork.

I had a great time; the class was well organised, clearly and expertly tutored and fantastically hosted. We were able to do our own thing but within your collective care and protection.

You as a group were able to facilitate all our creative projects and as far as I could see we were all successful and satisfied, but were true to our own creative ideas……no mean feat.

The facilities were fantastic, and all the materials, glazes and tools were effortlessly available to us all…. Again, this is not effortless but takes a lot of organisation, generosity and effort. A huge thank you for a really lovely ceramic experience. A much-needed break and confirms that I need to get back to my art asap. Bring on retirement. 10/10 thank you


I thoroughly enjoyed the course run by Anne Barrell over the weekend. All of the tutors were extremely helpful. It was a great atmosphere with like minded people. I would love to know more about other courses or classes.


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