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New studio space

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We recently took on two new spaces at Makerspace giving us six separate studios. This gave us the opportunity to open up four of the studios and make one really big teaching space, full of light - our students love the Mediterranean vibe from the palm trees outside - we've even got a sea view!

The space is now home to six of our Shimpos, the slab roller and four huge workbenches as well as a dedicated glazing zone. It's a wonderfully flexible room to work in and brilliant that we can now run our larger classes in one room, it's so inspiring for our students to share their ideas and working processes.

Studio 2 is now home for our smaller bespoke classes and our open access members with their dedicated shelf space. We've kept our three classic wooden wheels in this studio as well a huge range of specialist tools and equipment.

Studio 1 is the base for our artist in residence programme and alternative processes including print and photography on ceramics.

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